Index of /public/ftp/pub/Linux/

../                      Parent directory
!INDEX.html              Long index format
ALPHA/                   software and patches in the ALPHA stage
GCC/                     A port of GNU C and C++ for Linux
Incoming/                Place new uploads here
LICENSES/                guidelines for the Copying-Policy field in your LSM
NEW.logs/                old listings of new files
X11/                     clients,servers,etc. for XFree86, Linux's X11
apps/                    large useful packages and applications for Linux
commercial/              commercial packages and demos
devel/                   development tools (compilers, interpreters etc)
distributions/           complete, easily installed linux distributions
docs/                    documents and information about Linux
games/                   fun ways to waste time
graphics/                images used by our .html pages
hardware/                non-kernel support for peripheral hardware
historic-linux/          historic linux archive snapshot
incoming/                for uploads
kernel/                  kernel sources and patches              mirror of
libs/                    special (non-libc) linking libraries
logos/                   proposed logos for the Linux effort
metadata/                xml metadata
science/                 tools for scientists
search/                  various ways to search this archive
shareware/               play, then pay
system/                  stuff to help run your system
utils/                   useful utilities
00-find.Linux.gz         list of all files (compressed)
Distribution-HOWTO       distribution installation instructions
HINTS                    hints on how to use this archive most effectively
HINTS.html               hints on how to use this archive most effectively
HOW.TO.SUBMIT            how to submit files for the archive
How-do-I-get-Linux       hints on evaluating linux options
INDEX.whole.gz           index of entire site
LSM-TEMPLATE             template for Linux Software Map entries
LSM-TEMPLATE.bak         template for Linux Software Map entries
LSMTEMPLATE.html         template for Linux Software Map entries
MIRRORS                  List of sites that mirror /pub/Linux from sunsite(ASCII)
MIRRORS.html             List of sites that mirror /pub/Linux from sunsite 
NAMES                    guidelines for naming packages (ASCII)
NAMES.html               guidelines for naming packages 
NEW                      recently uploaded files (ASCII)
NEW.html                 recently uploaded files (HTML)
POLICY.html              archive policy; why we do what we do
howtosubmit.html         guidelines for submission to the linux archive
index.backup.html        old index page
index.html               homepage for the linux archive
info.for.cdrom.vendors   hints and suggestions for CDROM sunsite distributors
ls-lR.gz                 "ls -lR" of /pub/Linux (compressed)
ls-lR.html.gz            html'ized daily ls-lR
naming.html              naming conventions and format explanation
old.MIRRORS              old mirrors page
old.MIRRORS.html         old mirrors page
serverdown.html          junk
welcome.html             Sunsite archive welcome page

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