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How To Name Things

ibiblio is a participant in the Linux Software Map. To allow indexing and accessibility, it is necessary to follow a few guideline in naming conventions:

LSM needs these name parts in this order:

  1. project prefix
  2. dash
  3. version number
  4. dot
  5. "src" or "bin" (optional)
  6. dot or dash (dot preferred)
  7. binary type and options (optional)
  8. archiving and compression extensions

Let's suppose you have a project you call `foobar' at version 1, release 2, level 3. Here's what its names should look like:


(Note: It's OK if the LSM has a version number, but not necessary)

Please don't use:

foobar123.tar.gz This looks to our programs like an archive for a project called `foobar123' with no version number.
foobar1.2.3.tar.gz This looks to our programs like an archive for a project called `foobar1' at version 2.3.
foobar-v1.2.3.tar.gz Our programs think this goes with a project called `foobar-v1'. foo_bar-1.2.3.tar.gz

Other information in the name:

If you have to differentiate between source and binary archives, or between different kinds of binary, or express some kind of build option in the file name, please treat that as a file extension. It should go after the version number.

foobar-1.2.3.src.tar.gz -- sources
foobar-1.2.3.bin.tar.gz -- binaries, type not specified
foobar-1.2.3.bin.ELF.tar.gz -- ELF binaries
foobar-1.2.3.bin.ELF.static.tar.gz -- ELF binaries statically linked
foobar-1.2.3.bin.SPARC.tar.gz -- SPARC binaries

Please *don't* do this:

Naming ISO files for Distributions

Naming and uploading iso files for Linux distributions is done in much the same manner as the naming and uploading regular software. The linux distributions aren't handled automatically by the keeper software we use to organize the linux archive, so the strictures on their naming are not as severe as those placed on software. However, there are some generally agreed-upon standards that are currently in use.

ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization and is also the ancient Greek word for "equal." There are many ISO standards. In this case we're talking about the ISO 9660 format used by almost all CD-ROMs of Windows, Mac, Unix, and so on. It is sometimes called the High Sierra format.

ISO files are generally named using the following convention. The package name is usually 'progname-version-release,' where 'version' is the program version (you should be able to download the program source with this version number from the project's website) and 'release' is the number of the compilation/packaging/patch (from distribution vendor) for that version.

An example is:


where distro is the name of the distro (like "sarge"), arch is the architecture (like "i386") and n is the disk number (like "1").

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